Care Your Skin for Looking Younger


If the skin is not taken care of in time, not only the skin will be chapped but also the lines of aging can appear on the skin of the face before reaching the age. Therefore, special attention should be paid to skin care. Healthy skin requires regular exercise and a balanced diet. Let’s pay special attention to the following five things to keep the skin beautiful and healthy.

Stay away from the sun’s rays

The skin should always be protected from the sun’s rays to keep it soft and healthy. As the sun’s rays directly affect the skin, one should apply sunscreen on the skin of the face one hour before leaving the house. If you have to go out in the morning sun, you should use an umbrella or a hat. If any problem is seen on the skin of the face, it should be checked and consulted with the concerned doctor.

Do not smoke

Smoking is also harmful to health. Its consumption greatly affects the skin. The skin of a person who smokes is not only flaky and dry but also suffers from premature aging. Smoking makes lips black and dull. Another problem is that smokers have yellow teeth and bad breath.

Treat quickly

If there is any problem in the skin, it should be checked by the concerned specialist. Especially in winter, the skin becomes dull, itchy and dry. In this case, the advice of a dermatologist should be sought as soon as possible. After bathing, the whole body should be massaged with cream or some good company oil. This prevents the skin from becoming dry. If you are applying moisturizer cream, it is wise to apply it according to the nature of the skin.

Balanced diet

Another important factor for healthy skin is a balanced diet. Our regular diet should include fish, meat, milk, yogurt, pulses, vegetables, vegetables. Proper consumption of such foods makes the skin healthy and radiant. For good skin, you need to focus on fruits and vegetables in a timely manner. Proper intake of vitamins and minerals keeps the skin healthy.

Staying stress free

Stress makes the skin sensitive. The skin of a person who is under a lot of stress becomes dry, dull and flares up quickly. Not only this, with the help of tea in the hair and in the face of a person who is suffering from stress, it is very annoying. So you should try to stay away from stress as much as possible. To avoid stress, always think positive, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and pay special attention to hygiene.

Skin Care in Winter

Problems such as dryness of the skin, thinning hair, split ends, and stiffness appear in winter. Therefore, special care should be taken of skin and hair in winter.

Cold weather can be a problem, especially for the skin. Chronic diseases, such as herpes, itching, and scabies (scabies, psoriasis, winter eczema) appear. In winter, too much exposure to the sun can cause problems such as wrinkles on the face, wrinkles on the eyes, and sunburn on the hands and forehead.

With the onset of winter, the skin begins to dry out. Colds can cause redness, cracking, and roughness of the skin. This is especially true of people with sensitive skin. In winter, various measures can be taken to avoid such skin related problems.

In winter, when the skin is dry, most people apply the same cream. Doing so will only aggravate the problem of skin problems. Some even have skin allergies. So when choosing a moisturizer in winter, you have to be very careful. Everyone’s skin is not the same, so choose a moisturizer according to your skin.

Many people do not use sunscreen in winter. But, whether it is winter or summer, sunscreen must be used for skin protection. This protects the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Soap for hand washing should also be used mildly. Whenever possible you should not use anti-bacterial soaps in winter. This type of soap is hard, which makes the hands dry and cracked. Therefore, moisturizing soap should be used whenever possible in winter. It softens the hand.

During the winter months, gloves should be worn to protect the skin of the hands. In particular, bike riders must wear gloves to prevent the skin of their hands from becoming dry. This will prevent the cold air from damaging the skin.

Many people are reluctant to drink water because it is cold in winter. However, those who care about skin health should drink plenty of water. Whether it is winter or summer months, water helps to keep the skin healthy and radiant.

Similarly, in the winter months, many people have a habit of bathing in hot water. This is a bad habit. Bathing in hot or cold water during winter months affects the skin. In winter, you should always take a warm bath. After bathing, apply coconut oil or lotion on the slightly wet body. It also protects the body from dehydration. If someone has very dry skin, even if you take a bath with salt in the bath water, the skin will not get dry.


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