Choose Perfect Eye Makeup for Bold Looks


Eye makeup enhances a woman's beauty. If the eye makeup is damaged, the whole makeup will be damaged. So it is important to have accurate information about eye makeup. Proper use of liner, eye shadow, mascara for attractive eyes.

Eye makeup plays an important role in making the eyes attractive. Eye makeup enhances a woman’s beauty. If the eye makeup is damaged, the whole makeup will be damaged. So it is important to have accurate information about eye makeup. Proper use of liner, eye shadow, mascara for attractive eyes.

Busy eyebrows are in trend right now. This gives the eyebrows a natural look. Nowadays, light makeup is preferred over heavy makeup. Glitter shadow is not working. Light smoky is preferred. One or two shades are applied to the shadow. Mascara and liner are applied instead of mascara. Only eyelashes, mascara and liner are used in daily makeup. In addition to that, you have to pay attention to the texture of the eyes while applying makeup.

Eye makeup ingredients should be chosen on a cream basis. Powder based makeup kit can burn the eyes. There may be movement on the face. Also avoid using powder based makeup for sensitive eyes. Some people make some mistakes while applying eye makeup, due to which eye makeup does not look attractive. You have to prepare before applying makeup. There should be no doubt about what kind of makeup I am doing. Otherwise, when you try to remove it after applying make-up, it gets worse. Similarly, when applying shadows, you should apply a little bit on the brush.

Eye Primer and Concealer

Most people’s eyelids are smooth. The use of eye primer does not allow the eye shadow to swell. It absorbs oil and makes eye makeup last longer. Eye shadow should be applied only after applying primer and drying. When using eye shadow, you have to make it based first. Concealer makes makeup last longer. Therefore, it is important to use concealer on the eyelid before starting eye makeup. Then set the concealer using loose powder.

If you don’t do a lot of eye makeup, you can apply a light concealer. Without the use of primer and concealer, eye makeup will not open as much as it should. Even if the make-up looks good for a while, then there will be no crease or shadow.

Choosing the Right Brush

You need a brush to use or blend the eye shadow. The choice of brush should also be correct to make the eye makeup better. Also, you should not use the same brush that was used for the purpose. Makeup looks attractive when applying eye shadow with the help of a brush. After applying eye shadow, blending with blending brush does not cause crease. Also, pay attention to the cleanliness of the brush. From time to time the brush should be washed with soap or shampoo and dried in the sun.

Metallic Eye Shadow

Which shade of eye shadow to choose depends on whether it is for a day or night party. Choose nude shades for daytime makeup and eye shadows of bold and vibrant shades for night. Metallic eye shadow is now in vogue. Applying eye shadow using two shades makes the eyes look more attractive. Metallic shadows are useful for a bold look.This shadow should be applied only on the lid of the eye and blended with a light matte shade shadow to set it.

If you have small eyes, you should choose gray, brown, beige shade eye shadow. Applying a dark shade on the edge of the eyelid and blending lightly on the inside makes the eyes look bigger and more attractive. Blending two or three shades of eye shadow makes the eye makeup look good. Lately, colorful eye shadows have been running. It is important to be creative while using eye shadow.

Use of Colored Eye Pencil

You should use liner after applying eye shadow. Lately, colored ipencil or liquid liner has become more popular than black liner. Blue liner is more open in black dress. The green liner looks attractive in a western outfit. Green is more suitable for those with fair face. Pink liner can be chosen for a simple look. Purple, red, gray liner can be used for a unique look.

Eyelashes and Colorful Mascara

Fluttery lashes are the current trend. It gives a simple but impressive look. This lashes does not look very artificial and dense. Applying two or three coats of mascara on it gives a bold look. Also, colorful mascara is used. Black mascara can be applied for volume and length and colored mascara can be used on it. When applying mascara, do not do it again and again. It is best not to use waterproof mascara for daily use. If eyelashes are naturally dense, apply clear or transparent mascara.


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