Do Not Eat Excessive Lemon


Potential Risks of Lemon Juice

Lemon is a versatile fruit. Its consumption is considered beneficial for health as well as its utility in beauty. By squeezing lemon juice in water and drinking it, the body gets vitamin C, potassium and fiber. However, consuming too much of it can also have a negative effect on our body.

The citrus acid found in lemons can damage the teeth. If you consume a lot of lemons, you may experience teeth grinding or discomfort. What other disadvantages does lemon have?

1. Upset stomach:

If you consume too much lemon juice or sour cream daily, your stomach may get upset, because lemons are high in acid. Our stomach cannot digest it and there is a possibility of stomach ache or vomiting.

2. Toothache:

It has been said above that the citrus acid in lemon affects the teeth. If you want to drink lemon water, drink it through a straw. By doing this, the lemon water cannot touch the teeth. Otherwise, there may be a problem of hot, cold or discomfort in the teeth.

3. Dehydration:

Drinking lemon water causes frequent urination, which can cause dehydration in the body.

4. Migraines and headaches:

Consuming too much lemon can cause constant headaches and migraines. It has sufficient amount of amino acid which makes the blood flow in our brain suddenly faster. Due to this, many headaches and migraines can occur.

5. Kidney and Gallbladder problems:

Lemons also contain oxalate, which can become stones in the body if consumed in excess. Such crystallized oxalate can take the form of stones in the kidney and gall bladder.

6. Skin burns:

Yes, we use lemon for beauty, but excessive use of lemon can also cause sunburn on our skin. Citrus burns are chemical burns that occur when a citrus juice reacts to sunlight on your skin, a condition called phytophotodermatitis.


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