Exercise can control Obesity


Due to changing lifestyles, people are now suffering from many diseases. Obesity causes many diseases. Being overweight is obesity. Being overweight in proportion to height, having more fat in the abdomen and back is also obesity. At present, all areas including offices and schools are at a standstill due to the lockdown. Everyone is forced to stay at home for the sake of their health. Obesity can also be caused by hormones in the body, side effects of drugs and hereditary factors.

The main cause of obesity now is lifestyle. How much food are we eating? How you drink, how much exercise, how you walk, how much you are addicted all these determine obesity. Most of them do table work now. They work in a chair. This is called sedentary lifestyle. We are the main cause of obesity and there is a cause within us.

Why does obesity occur?

The amount of food we eat turns into energy. That energy has to be consumed as energy. The more energy you consume, the more you should consume. The energy stored without consumption is converted into obesity. Everyone’s lifestyle is chaotic now due to the lockdown. At this time, there is a lack of physical exercise and more food. Many have complained that they stayed at home and ate. In this case, the weight can be managed at home. You have to consume as much energy as you have taken. For that, it is necessary to do yoga exercises. How to eat, what to eat and how to manage it to reduce obesity. Similarly, energy consumption and its management is required.

We should include carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, vegetables and minerals in our diet. According to research, eating fiber-rich foods does not increase obesity. Eat less carbohydrates and more vegetables and fiber. Nepali traditional food provides more fiber. Since such foods take a long time to digest, not much energy is produced. As a result, energy consumption is limited. Obesity can be prevented by managing food.

Yoga for reducing obesity

To be healthy, you can practice yoga for half an hour every morning. Expert advice should be sought for any yoga practice. It is advisable to empty the stomach 30 minutes before and after doing yoga. You can stay healthy and happy by exercising regularly.

  • Initially jogging should be done slowly. It loosens the joints of the whole body and adds energy. Make a fist with the big toe of the hand and place it on the side of the chest and jog with the front of the foot. This jogging should not be done by the intoxicated back, the chronically ill and the elderly.
  • Then fast jogging should be done. The knees should be raised as much as possible. This method should be done at least 20 times. Jogging slowly without stopping. Then do the back leg slowly and side jogging.
  • Then wash your face. Put your hand in your mouth and breathe out through your mouth quickly.
  • Both legs should be broken and both hands should be placed on the chest and the waist should be bent while exhaling. It should be practiced at least 20 times.
  • Then place the hand on the shoulder level and bend left and right.
  • The left hand should touch the right and the right hand should touch the big toe of the left foot.
  • With both legs joined, inhale and exhale, leaning forward.
  • You have to jump. You have to jump with both legs. This method can be done 20 to 30 times.
  • The sun salutation is greet. It consists of 12 steps. It should be done 10 times as fast as possible.
  • Rest for a while and feel the current change within yourself.
  • You should feel the lightness in your body and stay in Sabasana.
  • After any exercise, deep rest is required at the end. Sabasana is suitable for that. The body should be relaxed on the ground. Slowly focus on the stomach. You should pay attention to how the stomach swells and shrinks. The abdomen should be compressed when taking a deep breath and exhaling. This practice should be repeated. You should feel how the cold air is coming in and how the hot air is coming out from the nose, which gradually brings the attention to the nose. When cold air enters, you should feel positive energy gone and when hot air comes out, you should feel that all the disorders inside have come out. The whole body should feel light. Then at the end you have to get up slowly. After greeting, rub both hands and warm the eyes and slowly open the eyes.


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