Hair Loss Prevention and Restoration Tips


Hair loss has become a very important issue for men and women today. Hair is considered such an important part of a person’s look in today’s society. When a person’s hair is full and healthy, it helps to booster their confidence and esteem. Can you really prevent the loss of hair or, even better, can you restore the growth of hair? Let us take a look at what works and what does not.

Healthy hair

Optimal heath is essential for a healthy head of hair. As with any living and growing part of the body, the hair must receive proper nutrition. A well balanced diet, combined with vitamin and mineral supplementation and exercise is vital to maintain healthy hair. Without the proper nutritional regimen, the hair follicle is sure to suffer.

Hair loss causes

Ninety-five percent of people that suffer the loss of hair have either Male Pattern Baldness or androgenetic alopecia. An elevated level of dihydrotestosterone (“DHT”) in the body causes these ailments, which is a direct result of testosterone levels. Through recent research, the outlook for these two situations has shown great hope and promise.

Androgenetic alopecia

This ailment is found mainly in Western civilization and countries that have adopted Western civilization’s way. Since the diet of Eastern countries lacks the consumption of red meat and fatty foods, this leads one to believe that the diet can have an effect on hair loss and disease. Dietary changes may not only affect temporary loss of hair but could possibly affect androgenetic alopecia as well.


Through research, DHT production in the body has been studied to understand its effects on hair loss. Since discovering a link between baldness and prostate health, doctors and scientists have placed more emphasis on the connection. Treatments that are commonly used for benign prostatic hyperplasia and other prostatic diseases also have the side effect of making the patient’s hair on their head grow.

Over-the-counter treatments like Propecia, Rogaine and Rogaine for Women and modern surgical treatments have given people other options to consider, instead of just accepting the loss of hair or wearing wigs or hairpieces. Research has opened the door to more natural solutions such as horsetail, rosemary, nettles and saw palmetto.


With today’s research and new discoveries, there is a lot of optimism in the field of hair loss and restoration.  Since hair is a very important part of one’s appearance and self-esteem, more importance has been placed on the research for more solutions. The chances are good that there is a solution to most situations now or in the near future.

Hair restoration is not an overnight process, so patience is of the utmost importance. No matter what method is used, it will take time to show satisfying results. Make sure to follow your physician’s advice and remain patient. Since the body is made up of many interconnecting systems, bad nutritional habits and environmental stresses can cause not only the loss of hair but other physical concerns as well. By changing to a more balanced and healthy lifestyle, one may be able to reverse hair loss.


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