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How to take care of baby teeth?


Baby teeth are very delicate. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. A cavity is a hole formed in a tooth. If it is not closed in time, it will cause tooth decay.

The baby’s teeth are very sensitive. There should be taken care in the proper way of the child as there are problems in the teeth and gums at the time of teething. There may be swelling or redness of the gums during germination, more hair dripping from the baby, increased thirst and sores in the mouth and gums. During this time there is a lot of pressure on Giza to try to chew something or keep sucking milk. Some children even get diarrhea and fever.

Usually milk teeth begin to erupt from 6 months after birth. However, in some cases, teeth can grow only after one year. Teeth can erupt in a child up to the age of three. Milk teeth usually begin to fall out by the age of six. With the development of a child, completely permanent teeth can appear by the age of 13.

Prolonged consumption of sugary water, sugary milk and other sugary foods for a long time causes cavities in the baby’s teeth. Therefore, sugar or sweets are also considered to be the causative agent of cavities. Sugar causes cavities due to bacteria. Insects eat teeth because of the same cavity.

Insects on the teeth of an adult are as deadly as insects on the teeth of a child. Giza can ripen if it is not treated in time. Problems like swelling of eyes and swelling of face also appear. In such a case, antibiotics alone may not work and may even lead to gizzard rupture. Similarly, children may need to be hospitalized and operated on.

Problems only appear after a child has had an infection. Therefore, it is necessary to brush the children twice to prevent them from getting the disease and to prevent the problem.

Similarly, it is important to take these measures to protect children from such problems.

  • Mother’s milk contains a variety of bacteria, so a soft cloth should be used to wipe the baby’s mouth after each feeding.
  • Even if the baby’s teeth are not germinated, clean the baby’s mouth every time you drink sugar water or sweets.
  • Brush the baby’s teeth as soon as they come. In case the children are not able to brush themselves, they should be brushed by the parents themselves and they should be protected from cavities.
  • For a long time and for a long time do not put sweets, including sugar water in the mouth of children. Keep children away from such things, especially at night.

In addition, if you keep other foods like rice and vegetables in your mouth for a long time without chewing, you may get bad breath and bad breath. It is also mandatory to brush twice a day in the morning and evening to protect children from this problem.



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