Joint Pain can be Treated at Home


Many people suffer from joint problems in winter. It hurts especially the elderly, pregnant, sick etc.

Joint pain is both mild and severe. Normal pain can be cured by changing diet and lifestyle, but severe pain requires treatment.

According to a study, 1 in every 4 people suffer from joint pain. This problem is more common in women than in men.

Why does the joint pain?

Joint pain can have various causes. For example: changes in bone fluid or membrane, injury or internal disease infection, bone cancer, arthritis, obesity, blood cancer etc. Similarly, as the age increases, the lubricants that keep the cartilage cushion between the joints flexible and smooth decrease, the length and flexibility of the ligaments decrease, etc., and the joint hurts.

How to keep joints healthy?

There is no cure for joint pain, especially arthritis. However, there are some measures which can be adopted to avoid falling under its grip or even if it falls under its grip, its effects can be reduced.

Arthritis is the loss of cartilage in the joints. It is made up of 70 percent water, so drinking plenty of water can save it from damage.

Calcium-rich foods

Consume calcium rich foods like milk, milk cheese, broccoli, salmon fish, spinach, rajma, almonds, tofu etc.

Vitamin C and D are useful for healthy joints. Therefore, eat plenty of foods such as strawberries, oranges, kiwi, pineapple, cauliflower, broccoli, chicken, milk, curd fish, etc.

Stay on sunlight

Bask in the sun for some time during the day. It provides vitamin D to the body. Keep your weight under control. Being overweight puts pressure on the joints.

Regular exercise

Do regular exercise which helps to reduce the problem of joint stiffness. However, avoid heavy exercises that put too much pressure on the joints.

Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

Alcohol and smoking damage the joints. If people suffering from arthritis do not smoke and drink alcohol, their joints and muscles will be strengthened and the pain will also decrease.

Fruits and home remedies

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. It can prevent osteoarthritis. Similarly, consume ginger and turmeric in winter months. It reduces the problem of joint swelling.

active body

Don’t live a comfortable life. Walking, jogging, dancing, going to the gym, climbing stairs or light exercise can also strengthen the bones.

In winter, the number of patients with arthritis increases. Osteoarthritis is not only a problem for the elderly but also for young people. If the problem of joint pain is not taken care of, it can become a chronic disease. Winter season can be considered as a difficult time for rheumatic patients. Joint diseases are more common in winter than other times and can even lead to disability.

Pay special attention in the winter season

– Joint pain is very painful in winter season. Because people relax a lot in this season. It reduces physical activity. Lifestyle changes due to shorter days and longer nights.

– People’s eating habits also change in winter. People do not try to exercise which further increases this problem.

– In winter, eat buckwheat bread and mung beans. Drink hot soup. Consume green vegetables like gourd, parsley, cucumber, etc.

– Do regular exercise, stay physically active. It helps in opening the muscles and makes the joints easier.

– The temperature outside is extremely low, so do not walk outside in the cold. Always cover the body with warm clothes. Drink lots of water, drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. If you take medicine, take it regularly.

– Save yourself from the cold. Wrap the part that hurts with a warm cloth.

– If you have other problems like swelling and redness along with joint pain, see your doctor immediately.

What kind of joint problems occur in winter?

Pain in joints can increase in winter. Due to this, the blood vessels and blood cells of the body shrink during this season. Especially, rheumatic patients suffer more in winter. People who have undergone joint surgery also feel more pain in winter.

Ways to avoid it

Keep the body warm. Cold sore parts should be covered. A fire can be dangerous when it comes to cooking in a fire or heater. We have heard that not only the body but also the house was burnt. Heaters make our body and skin dry. If the heater itself is to be heated, water should be placed in a bowl or a small pan in the place where it is kept. Compresses are fine but should not be applied to a freshly bruised wound.

What kind of food should be paid attention to in order to strengthen bones?

Bones are strengthened by eating especially milk and dishes made from it. Also, the morning sun should be warm. If you have skin allergies, you should take vitamin D supplements and eat plenty of protein-rich foods. However, red meat should not be eaten.


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