Plenty of water for skin care in summer


In summer, it is more important to take care of the skin than other times. Many people suffer from excessive skin smoothness in hot weather. If the skin is not taken care of properly in summer, the problem of oily skin and dry skin can become more dull.

As the heat increases, it is necessary to take special care of the skin. In summer, sun and hot air make the skin dull. Because of which natural beauty can die. According to beauticians, skin needs special care in summer more than other times.

Drinking plenty of water in summer is the most useful for skin care. In addition, sunscreen cream is also the main medicine for skin care in summer. It should be use every 2 hours daily.

There are different types of sun protection creams available in the market. But only quality products should be used. Before using the cream, you should only use it depending on the nature of your skin.

Working women should pay special attention. Before going to bed every day, wash your face with clean water and apply night cream and body lotion.

Skin care should be done according to the quality, condition and type. The human body consists of three types of skin, mainly oily, dry and normal. Depending on the weather, you should take care of your skin.

Dry skin care

In summer, the body may be dehydrated. This can cause various problems. For which it is beneficial to use creams and facewashes containing vitamin D. Skin care can be done using the ingredients in our kitchen. As it is dry skin, make a paste of lemon, tomato and celery and apply it on the face. In summer, it is necessary to keep dry skin smooth.

Egg whites, lemon juice, sandalwood, yogurt, gram flour and turmeric are used to make the necessary paste. But drinking plenty of water is the main medicine for skin care.

Oily skin care

Those with oily skin in summer need special care. People with oily skin may experience pimples in summer. Moisturizers for the skin are the only medicine to remove the oiliness. In addition, homemade ingredients such as lemon, tomato, aloe vera, yogurt paste can be made and applied. Similarly, lemon and yogurt mix packs can be applied on the face once a week. It helps to reduce the natural oiliness of the face.

Those with normal skin should pay special attention to the radiance of the face. Moisturizer should be used from time to time. Drink plenty of water. It is not advisable to wash your face with soap and water. It makes the skin dull. But you should wash your face twice a day with clean water. It is considered good to take steam of hot water. It flushes out the dirt inside the skin.

In summer, it is better to drink enough water for skin care, eat seasonal fruits, use sunscreen lotion, apply face pack once or twice a week.

When we are at home and in the office, we do not take care of our face and skin. But, even at home and in the office, we need to take special care of our skin. While cooking in the kitchen, the temperature of the kitchen rises. As our skin is soft, its temperature and salinity affect our skin.

Another thing we don’t pay attention to is that we spend a lot of time on computers, laptops and mobiles at home or in the office. The light coming from these electrical devices affects the skin. Therefore, 15 minutes before using these tools, we should apply body lotion and sun protection cream on the body.


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