The wrong way to drink water affects your health


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Every person’s day starts with water. Many people start their day by drinking water. Health experts also advise drinking enough water. Because the body works properly when drinking water. It does not allow the body to dry, removes toxins, makes the blood clean, builds new cells, activates metabolism and prevents constipation. How to drink such beneficial water? Drinking water in the wrong way has bad effects on the body.

BPA bottle:

BPA chemical bisphenol A is used in plastic bottles. According to research, this chemical causes birth problems. This chemical also has a serious effect on the body. In which the risk of patients such as high blood pressure, hormone imbalance, type 2 diabetes and heart disease increases. Drinking BPA bottled water has serious effects on the body.

Drinking too much water at once:

Drinking one or two glasses of water is normal. However, people drink a lot of water at a time. Drinking too much water at once has a negative effect on metabolism. Hence, you should drink only one liter of water per hour.

Adequate Water:

The body contains more water. This means that the body uses water to function properly. To keep the digestive process in a proper way, to make constipation correct, it brings out toxins, removes stones, does not allow the skin to dry. If you don’t drink water in the right amount, various problems occur in the body. So, it is necessary to drink enough water.

Eating cut fruits in water:

It is customary to eat cut fruits in water. There is a possibility of getting diseases like salmonella and E.coli by eating like this. By eating in this way, the bacteria enter the body through the peel of the fruit which causes disease in the body.

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Do not drink water after caffeine:

If you do not drink water after consuming caffeine and alcohol, the body becomes dry. Drink a lot of water after drinking coffee and alcohol.

Don’t drink water even when you feel thirsty:

Many people don’t drink water even when they feel thirsty. When you feel thirsty, you must drink water. However, you should drink water properly even when you are not thirsty.


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