Tips to Avoid Facial Wrinkles


There are various cosmetics available in the market. Whether it is to brighten the skin or to prevent it from getting chapped, why not increase the amount of vitamins, minerals and other elements required by the skin. Nowadays, there is a trend to enhance the beauty of the skin by making homemade cosmetics. It is a natural process to get chapped skin as you age. Some people’s skin starts to look sore before the age. Beauty expert Manju Karki Pandey has given anti-aging tips to prevent and reduce wrinkles.

First of all, wash your face with clean water. Daily morning-evening quality face wash, gram flour or milk liquid cleans the mouth to reduce the soreness.

When you clean your skin, touch gently, so that the skin does not get too wet. Do not put too much pressure on the skin when washing your mouth. This can lead to unnecessary clutter.- Over time, the collagen of the skin begins to lose. Protein makes it look tight. Therefore, emphasize on protein rich foods or supplements.

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Upgrade your SPF routine.

Use plenty of moisturizing face cream. The drier the skin, the faster the wrinkles appear. So always keep the skin soft. Use 40 plus SPF sunscreen. Which is a protective shield for the skin.

Make changes in food. Eat plenty of vitamin-rich fruits, fresh vegetables, juices, and water. Supplements such as Omega 3 are rich in vitamins and minerals. Which prevents the skin from drying out and prevents itching.

Every 28 days, old cells die and a new layer grows on our skin. Scrub weekly to remove such dead cells. It completely cleanses the dead cells and protects the new cells and makes the skin shiny and soft. This process also protects against the risk of infection.


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