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Useful winter food found in your kitchen


It is important to pay attention to food in winter season. Eating keeps the body temperature in balance. High calorie foods are needed to increase body temperature. The following foods should be eaten in winter.


Honey is very useful in combating against cold and flu; even doctors suggest its use. Honey contains anti-microbial elements. It destroys the entry of germs. Honey improves digestion and develops immunity. Honey can be consumed with milk at night while sleeping. Similarly, in winter, many people consume hot water, lemon and honey (hot lemon with honey), which is considered good for health.

Vitamin rich food

Amla (Indian gooseberry) is a good source of vitamins. At this time, lemon water, oranges should be consumed. These fruits help the body to recover from the cold weather.


Ginger boosts the immune system and keeps the body warm. As constipation is more common in winter, adequate consumption of ginger helps to digest. So it is advisable to make ginger mandatory in our diet in this season. Consumption of milk, green tea, black paper, basil water provides antioxidants and provides warmth to the body.

Basil tea and basil water

Basil is easily found in various nutrients including Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Iron. It is better to take it daily in the morning and evening. Prevents colds and nausea and also reduces respiratory problems. Consumption of it raises the body temperature and gives warmth.

Chicken soup

Not only does meat provide energy to the body, but its vitamins also help to develop immunity. Strengthens the muscles of the body and provides energy. For those who are suffering from high blood pressure, it is better to eat chicken than other red meat.

Fish, Walnut

Consumption of fish, walnut, shrimp, almond is considered useful in winter. The omega-3 and fatty acids found in them are also essential for heart and diabetes patients. Zinc from fish protects against winter diseases. In winter, various nuts are best to eat. It provides warmth to the body.

Milk and eggs

Vitamin D found in milk protects against various winter infections. The amino acids and vitamins found in eggs provide warmth to the body. The magnesium found in it helps to reduce loneliness, stress and mental problems that may appear in winter. Eggs are a source of potassium, so the body always feels warm. Sometimes when there is a lack of nutrients in the blood, the body feels more cold.


Sesame provides energy to the body. Sometimes there is a cold in the chest due to prolonged cold. It is harmful to stay for a long time. In this case, if you consume sesame and sugarcane daily, the phlegm will come out.

Green vegetables (Plant based eating)

Fenugreek, carrots, spinach can be used not only in terms of nutrition but also as a food that provides warmth in winter. Make a paste of ginger, thyme seed, red pepper, black pepper and put it in hot water and consume it, it makes your body temperature feel balanced and warm.



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