Essential Nutrients for healthy Development of Children


A balanced diet provides essential nutrients for the healthy development of children. It also improves their learning ability and reduces morbidity.

Most children like to eat junk food, fast food, chips, and spicy food. Such foods are not healthy. According to a research, the taste buds of a child develop only later. Until a few months after birth, the baby does not know anything about taste.

They accept whatever is fed to them. Therefore, children should be accustomed to eating healthy and nutritious food from the very beginning. When they grow up, they don’t say, ‘I won’t eat this, I won’t eat that.’

– Nutritious food should be given to the baby when he starts feeding solid food. Pulses water, boiled vegetables, oats etc. Even if the baby is fed nutritious food, they prefer to eat food prepared for other members of the household. We also start feeding the same food. From here, things get trickier for babies. They only like to eat food that tastes good to them. But, the baby should be given nutritious food made for them.

-Many children nowadays prefer to eat fast food instead of home made food. They like to eat spicy food that tastes good on the tongue. In children, this habit is passed on from the older members of the household. Adults also lick the baby a little when they eat something. After tasting the spicy food, the child does not like to eat nutritious food including oatmeal. Keep the child away from the taste of fast food, junk food, spicy food.

– Children like to eat food, they like to eat. Rules should be made for baby food. They must be given food including salad, lentils, green vegetables.

-Some parents are giving the child something to eat from time to time including chips, sweets, biscuits, chocolates. Instead, the child can be fed seasonal fruits, including dried fruits.

What should be included?

Healthy foods for children should include three portions of grains, two portions of green vegetables and one portion of meat products. Grain is the primary source of energy. Grain provides children with the nutritious food they need for study and practice.

It is best to include green leafy vegetables as well as carrots, cucumbers, broccoli and mushrooms. Daily food Including lean meat, fish, skinless chicken, eggs are equally important for child development. It is best to give fruits to children as a dessert after meals.

Some simple lunches to kids.

There are some simple lunches ideas to make for our children.

  • Chicken taco salad.
  • Pitta pockets.
  • Peanut hummus with fruit & veg sticks.
  • Mini spinach & cottage cheese frittatas.
  • Stuffed Moroccan pitta.
  • Chicken, carrot & avocado rolls.
  • Tuna rice salad.
  • Turkey & pepper pittas.


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