Indigestion is a big problem, can be cure


Many people suffer from indigestion. Sometimes the problem of indigestion does not go away even after taking many measures. Sometimes due to infection and sometimes due to our lifestyle and diet, indigestion problem is created.

Stomach infection, indigestion, gastritis bothers more. If the stomach is not properly cleaned, if it is not healthy, the whole body becomes heavy.

In addition, the stomach plays a role in most diseases in the body. The better and fitter the stomach is, the healthier the body is. But if the stomach is bad, the whole body is relaxed and weak.

According to experts, there are many causes of indigestion:

Water after meals:

Drinking too much water or any other liquid immediately after meals or with meals reduces the production of enzymes that help in digestion. Due to this, the digestion process slows down and the food eaten becomes difficult to digest.

Drinking a lot of tea and coffee:

Those who have problems with acidity and acid reflux, they should not drink more than 3 cups of tea and coffee a day. The tannin content in tea and coffee does not allow the body to absorb the nutrients in the food properly and makes the digestion process worse.

​Taking too many medicines:

Due to the side effects of some antibiotic medicines, stomach upset occurs after taking such medicines. Sometimes taking two different medicines at the same time will affect the digestive system. Therefore, do not take too much medicine as much as possible, take it according to the time and amount prescribed by the doctor and know about its side effects before taking the medicine.

Effects of pain relievers

There is a growing trend of using ‘pain killers’ like ibuprofen and aspirin, which are easily available in pharmacies, to reduce pain. But no one has paid attention to how bad the use of these drugs is for the stomach.

Pain relievers work by creating ulcers in the small intestine and causing problems in the stomach. Aspirin, a blood thinner that is used for a long time due to heart disease, can also cause stomach ulcers.

Exercising on a full stomach:

If you eat a full stomach before exercise, it takes time to digest. This sometimes causes problems such as allergies. Exercising right after a meal does not digest the food properly.

Constipation problems:

Constipation also causes other diseases in the body. Constipation is difficulty in passing stool from the large intestine. When this problem becomes complicated, it leads to obstruction of the large intestine, which can be very fatal. Constipation can be caused by not eating enough fiber, unhealthy diet, hormonal disturbances, side effects of any medicine.

Filling the stomach with air:

Eating with the mouth wide open i.e. with a big mouth or crunching, air enters the stomach along with the food. Air in the stomach increases the problem of gas in the stomach and also causes problems in digestion.


Due to unhealthy diet and bad lifestyle, the stomach or small intestine becomes inflamed, which is called gastritis.

Similarly, Hpylori infection is caused by bacteria transmitted from contaminated water and food. It also causes gastric. Gastritis can affect anyone from children to the elderly.

Vomiting, loss of appetite, loss of appetite, pain in the upper part of the stomach, abdominal distention, black stools, body aches. It weakens not only the stomach but also the body. If it is not treated for a long time, it can lead to ulcers and colon cancer.

smoking and alcohol:

Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption can cause gastritis and pancreatitis in the stomach. Smoking and alcohol have a direct effect on both the liver and the pancreas. Most of the people who consume alcohol may have ‘acute pancreatitis’. Similarly, if there is hepatitis in the liver, if there is a stone or ureteric stone in the kidney, if there is colitis (inflammation of the large intestine), then if there is chronic constipation (constipation), the problem of stomach ache also occurs.


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