How to stay fit after marriage?


There is a saying in our society that young women get fat after marriage. After marriage, it is very difficult for a young woman to keep herself fit.

Various studies have shown that women often gain weight after marriage. There are many reasons for this. After marriage, they find themselves at home, their daily life changes, they get rid of the stress of marriage or love, they develop the mentality of staying healthy rather than looking good. There are many reasons why women get fat after marriage.

Before marriage, they try to be as fit and fine as possible. They try their best to make themselves look attractive. To stay fit, they diet and exercise. They have the illusion that in order to look fit and attractive in marriage, it is important to keep fit during marriage.

However, it is important to keep fit not only before marriage but also after marriage.

Why is it important to keep fit?

Fitness has a special effect on the relationship between husband and wife. A survey of some couples has confirmed this. During the survey, some couples were given a responsibility. In which they had to tell their partner ‘I want to look fit, healthy and attractive for you’.

With this statement, their relationship was found to be deep and cordial. For this, they were forced to follow a diet with a workout. As a result, their confidence in their relationship was found to be good.

The results of this survey also show that men and women need to pay special attention to their fitness after marriage.

How to keep the body fit?

Many things change in the life of a man and a woman after marriage. As a result, they are so busy at home that they do not even have enough time to themselves. It also reduce energy in the body and also causes depression. Husbands and wives often stay away from each other because of depression. In order to reduce that, husband and wife must find an alternative.

This problem can also be reduced by preparing a timetable and schedule for you. Perform regular health checks including blood pressure and sugar.

Don’t think of yourself as insignificant as a child. Most couples feel inferior after having a baby. And, it tends to be depressing. Even after the birth of a child, every parent can keep themselves fit by following a balanced diet, healthy eating and regular exercise.

Set the timetable in a diary. Make a list of daily activities and foods and calories in it. After that, review the diary every Saturday and point out your shortcomings in what you have done this week.

Doing jogging and workout in the morning. It keeps the body fit and allows you to spend more time with each other. Challenging each other to lose weight first.

Doing housework together. It is an exercise and strengthens the relationship. If you gain 5/6 kg weight after six months of marriage, try to reduce it gradually. Encourage your partner to buy slim looking clothes to motivate them to lose weight.

What do experts say?

Stress can be reduced through workout, regular exercise, yoga, meditation.According to experts, stress can make a person physically and mentally weak. As a result, the coldness, passion and intimacy in the relationship gradually decrease.

Not only that, stress is also considered to be the main factor in the bad relationship between husband and wife. Because where there is tension, the relationship between husband and wife is not good. Which leads to bitterness in the relationship.


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